When you hear the term “personal growth,” what do you think of exactly? Is personal growth a status or level to achieve in order to move forward in life? Or do you believe it is limited to one thing—whatever that may be in your life—that you wish to achieve? Most people would agree with one of these options. However, the personal development coaches on the Excellence Performance Coaching (EPC) team believe differently. Personal growth is an ongoing process of improvement.

The Phases of Personal Growth

Personal growth lasts as long as you see fit. But know that the process extends at your discretion. The major phases of personal growth are (1) sleep, (2) awakening, (3) execution, (4) acceptance, and (5) service or S-A-E-A-S for you acronym lovers. In our previous and first blog on professional development, we discussed self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation for personal growth. It determines the direction in which you will grow personally. See where we’re going with this? Becoming self-aware will set up the rest of the process.

Phase 1: Sleep

We can all agree that since you’re visiting our website and reading our blog, you are indeed awake from sleep. The best way to understand the sleep phase is what you once were—un-aware. It’s also possible you were ignorant or naive, perhaps even negative and closed-minded. We hope not, but unfortunately, there are many people in the world who share these traits. It’s our mission to bring people in from the cold to a place of warmth and help them grow mentally, physically and financially.

Phase 2: Awakening

It’s during this phase that you ignore what society tells you. Ignore the negativity around you and realize a change must take place. For some, the fear of being in the same place for too long pushes them outside of their comfort zone. For others, they experience a wake-up call, be it health or family related. If a negative cycle repeats itself enough times, chances are the person going through the cycle will ask why the same thing happens. Then he or she will realize it’s time to focus their attention on themselves.

Phase 3: Execution

The execution phase is where the rubber meets the road. Realizing there’s an issue and understanding what to do are the steps needed to bring one to the execution stage. Here is where you actually DO. Make the effort to change yourself for the better. This is where you call your business coach or execute a task list to bring yourself closer to your goals. Keep in mind that things may not always be a success on the first try. But trying is what matters; the action of doing matters. Making the effort will eventually pay off.

Phase 4: Acceptance

Acceptance is primarily a mental and behavioral phase. It happens over time. This fourth phase is a transitional phase between the execution phase and the service phase. You, as someone who is transforming for the better, let go of the past and accept the necessary changes. You could even say acceptance is a form of self-awareness and self-actualization.

Phase 5: Service

The fifth and final phase is the act of service. Think of it as paying it forward. As humans, once we enjoy something, we often share the ideas and feelings with our friends and family who might also like it. This is no different. Being more aware, healthy, and happy will make you feel good. You will want to share the love accordingly.

In doing so, you will feel even more growth in that you’re helping others along their journey to grow. We like to think of it as an upward spiral. The more you give out, the more you’ll get back and the more it will allow you to grow. When you look back (only to see how far you’ve come), you’ll realize that the starting line was farther than you originally imagined!

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Thank you for reading,
Your EXCELLence Performance Coaches