People are interesting creatures. They can say one thing and mean another. Human beings can make up their mind and change it on the dime or easily go back on their word. Sometimes “never” doesn’t actually mean “never.” In fact, we know of at least one client who had decided against professional development coaching. Even though he saw the value in it, he thought it was a waste of money. Taking the time to develop himself on his terms seemed the better outcome. He may have been right, but one thing he now lacks was accountability–one of the many benefits of professional development. In this blog, we’re going to cover accountability and many more of the top benefits.

Professional Development Benefit #1: Accountability

A lot of experts believe self-awareness is the first major benefit of a professional development partnership. We believe it’s the second most important. Accountability is simply the act of being accountable or responsible for your actions. The most critical part of accountability is having limitless help on your side. Therefore, students and clients will be working on themselves and their business for themselves, but not by themselves.

"accountability"Some people call us business coaches or personal development coaches. Either way, as a coach, it’s our job to hold our clients accountable for their actions and upcoming desired goals. The value in emotional stability lasts for a long time when you work with the right team. When you search for a reputable coach or even a team of coaches, it’s important to seek out a bond. A friendship could flourish from a partnership, but ideally, the external business partnership is the solid ground you are searching for.

Professional Development Benefit #1.5: Motivation

Your Excellence Performance coaches know the power of motivation. People are motivated by different things — money, time, freedom, family, traveling, success, and so on. However, motivation can easily get washed away. Therefore, as the old saying from Zig Ziglar goes, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why I recommend it daily.” It’s very true. If you’re reading this, you know first hand that you’ve times where you’re on fire and crushing goals on some days. While on other days, you’re feeling deflated and lacking energy. It’s about finding what will continually motivate you! Rest assured that personal development coaches like us are the experts in that arena.

Professional Development Benefit #2: Self-Awareness

Ah, self-awareness. Sadly, millions of people actually need self-awareness. A deep understanding of self is important whether you’re an employee, the boss, or the CEO. Understanding your strengths and your weaknesses fall under self-awareness. Knowing where to shine vs. where not to focus your energy is crucial. So many people—hundreds of thousands, millions even—believe that working on your weakness to bring them up to a strength or to a moderate level is the answer. We disagree. We believe the best way to find self-awareness (aside from working with a team) is to go all in on your strengths. We’re not the first ones to say it and we won’t be the last. However, we will say it because strengths by way of self-awareness will take you farther.

Professional Development Benefit #3: Improved Focus (and Discipline)

Coaches will help you to get focused on what topics you may be struggling with. It could be business sales goals or personal goals such as meeting quality people or pushing yourself towards a completely new routine. We believe that focus is something that can be easily improved from a personal development coach to his or her students.

Discipline, on the other hand, must come from within. Coaches can show students how to grow and develop their methods of discipline. However, it’s ultimately up to the student to apply that knowledge and improve them. This is where a lot of people struggle because they regularly fight with themselves. The solution? Bring it up with your coach on the initial session to make them aware!

Professional Development Benefit #4: Resilience

Resilience is another big benefit, in fact, it’s bigger than big. It’s an essential tool to develop and keep in your back pocket. Resilience is not something you’ll need to use on a daily basis. It will be needed when life throws you curveballs and drops you into stressful situations. Being properly developed means being able to identify issues, overcome them with the proper mindset. That proper mindset is not complete without resilience. After all, life is how we deal with problems and our experiences. It is what we make it.

There are plenty more benefits of personal development. We thought we would give you a few examples of what you are in store should you decide to improve yourself and grow. Professional development is like a therapist, only better. Development coaches such as our Bradenton, Florida-based home team want you to improve yourself rather than just vent your frustrations to a pair of listening ears. Be sure to watch our free videos and subscribe to our VIDEO LATTE series!

Thank you for reading,
Your EXCELLence Performance Coaches