The Art of Communication

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Payment plans are available. Contact our office for details. Select from our Base, Executive and VIP-Level tickets. Please note that VIP-Ticket holders receive access to our additional Bonus Day on Wednesday September 18.



The Art of Communication is a three-day seminar (with a fourth Bonus Day available) that will teach you that relationships, business and virtually anything we do, rise or fall on our ability to communicate effectively. Master the Art of Communication in your life.

Communication makes the world go around. Sales, representatives, diplomats, CEOs, leaders and followers alike all succeed or fail based on their ability to communicate their message to their audience. Three days can change your life by changing how you communicate with your audience. Reading your audience, listening effectively and connecting to your audience are but a few of the things that separate professionals from amateurs. Be a pro and get what you want by effectively communicating.

Our core curriculum will help you:

✓ Learn to be an effective listener
✓ Master effective communication skills with all personality types
✓ Learn and practice public speaking skills
✓ Read body language effectively

✓ And, much, much more!

Also available during this seminar are special sessions covering Negotiation and Conflict Resolution on one evening and Belief in the Message and the Messenger on another evening as well as specialty talks on Creating Financial Wealth at Any Level and Time Management during the lunch hours. The Bonus Day (on Wednesday September 18th) is an exclusive event where you learn and master public speaking skills in front of a live audience. We provide a video playback of your speeches and give you a live critique and feedback to perfect your performance. This powerful day is limited to 10 participants to give you lots of practice time in front of the camera!


Basic — $895.00   $695.00

  • Core Education

Executive — $1,695.00   $1,395.00

  • Core Education
  • 2 Executive Lunch Trainings [Meals Included]
  • 2 Executive Evening Sessions
  • Graduation Dinner
VIP — $2,695   $2,195
  • Core Education
  • 2 Executive Lunch Trainings [Meals Included]
  • 2 Executive Evening Sessions
  • Graduation Dinner
  • VIP Bonus Day Training [Lunch Provided] Wednesday September 18
  • VIP Exclusive Morning Sessions with Access to Executive Team
  • VIP Wednesday Evening Session [Meal Included]
  • VIP Interactive Upfront Seating

*Ask if your company qualifies for a discount.
In order to keep a professional environment and provide the highest value and concentration to our attendees, we ask that there are no children, infants or pets brought to the event.
If you would like to purchase your ticket on a payment plan, please contact our office at (833)239-2355 x102.

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4 reviews for The Art of Communication

  1. Bart H.

    The art of communication was life changing, I’ve learned so much from Tony and his team and the work they do is incredible. If you’re considering attending an event of theirs, you should make that commitment and do so. The returns you get are exponential, and the best investment you can possibly make is in yourself. Thanks EP coaching!

  2. Daryl S.

    A terrific conference, eye opening insights, challenging the status quo. Thank you Tony!

  3. Stephen S.

    I can’t say enough good things about these guys! They have surpassed all of my expectations. If you are looking to grow your business/project and reach your goals I would encourage you to take advantage of this top notch service.

  4. Jessica G.

    I have been absolutely blown away at the impact that EXCELLence Performance has had on my life in just a couple of months! Everyone needs a team of coaches like this to help launch you into the life you dream of! I have been equipped with countless practical steps, wisdom, and strategies, and my only regret is not hiring them sooner!

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