Communication Seminars by EXCELLence Performance

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The Art of Communication is a three-day seminar (with a fourth Bonus Day available) that will teach you that relationships, business and virtually everything we do, rise or fall on our ability to communicate effectively. You will be given valuable tools to enhance the way you receive and deliver information so you can become more successful in everything you do. Plus, attend our VIP Bonus Day Training designed to help take your public speaking skills to the next level!

Communication Mastermind is a four-day, action-packed seminar designed to help you master your craft. Facilitated by CEO and Head Coach, Tony Daum, along with his team of coaches and staff, you will mastermind with your peers as you grow your skills in Public Speaking & Sales, Negotiating & Conflict Resolution, Body Language: Control & Interpretation, as well as learn how to adapt to different personality styles. Communication Mastermind builds on the tools developed in The Art of Communication, which is a prerequisite to this seminar.

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