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I have been a practicing attorney for over thirty years. During this time I owned my own firm and was hugely successful; however, at age 55 I felt I needed a change. I started my program of business as well as personal growth coaching with Excellence Performance Coaching one year ago with the plan to shift careers. As I now reflect back on the year I am astounded by the huge impact this work has had on my life and career path.

Instead of replacing one career with another, Tony opened my eyes to a world of possibility which I had never had time or ability to see. I thought I knew everything about being a successful business owner, because I had done so well in the past. As a direct result of working with EPC, one on one with Tony and Tammy, as well as attending several workshops, I have expanded my law practice and I have achieved greater satisfaction from my work. My business is thriving and I feel excited every day to be working to achieve my goals and dreams in a positive and meaningful way. In addition, Tony has helped me create opportunities in other business ventures, including bringing a portion of my law practice to an online format, creating residual income by collaborating with other professionals and working with a screenwriter to produce a movie!!

Tony’s business acumen is second to none and his coaching has impacted my financial wellbeing tremendously. This benefit alone was worth the price of the coaching; however, the personal growth and attitude shifts that wealth is not all about money have been invaluable to my overall wellbeing and happiness at home and at work. The most effective part of the work has been Tony’s individualized approach; his ability to see my potential and use his insight and expertise to help me hone the talents I have to create a fulfilled and balanced life. Working with Tony as a coach for one year has made a greater impact in my life than all of the self help and business skills books I have read over thirty years. Tony has helped me with discipline, accountability and focus. I plan to work with Tony on an ongoing basis to continue to grow my businesses and expand my ability to help others and live in prosperity. Suzanne Poitras