As your EXCELLence performance coaches, we know all too well the struggles of the famous sought after work-life balance. Outside of our family and personal time, we make time for our clients. As our clientele grows, it adds some pressure to our schedules. Therefore, we need to act accordingly to maintain the balance that helps out business grow without tipping the scales. We don’t want to lose out on precious family time; we also want to enlighten our clients and grow their businesses. See the dilemma? It’s a constant back-and-forth. In this blog, we will be discussing ways on finding your best work-life balance.

Definitions And Discipline

At what time do you stop working and focus on your personal life? Do you plan to put in extra work time later in the day or on weekends? In today’s society, fragmented work schedules are on the rise, especially with the millennial generation. First and foremost, you need to define what makes up work time and what makes up personal time. Things can easily overlap during the average workday. In addition to defining the terms “work time” and “personal time,” set them on your calendar by certain hours. For example, if you work from 8 am to 4 pm, those are your defined work hours. No personal tasks, chores or errands should fall in that time slot. On the contrary, if after 4 pm, some work-related matters come to light, you should not feel compelled to change course. Unless you’re required to do so, it can wait until 8 am the following work day. Our best advice is to make sure it jumps to the top of the pile.

Understanding Time

Work-life balance can be achieved by understanding the value of time. It can be best achieved by also understanding the value of your time. Distractions can easily come and go throughout your day—phone calls, texts, a bombardment of emails, impromptu meetings and so on. If you’ve ever spent one day multi-tasking and another day knocking out tasks one-by-one, you’ll recognize there’s a tremendous difference. Let’s look at it from a graphical perspective (see left). It may make theoretical sense to multi-task and perform two tasks at once. However, in essence, all of your tasks will take longer.

When it comes to the value of time, it’s important to know what your time is worth. A lot of people don’t have any idea what to charge others for their time. To be fair, it’s not an easy figure to come to without some sort of guidance. That’s where we come in with accountability. Nevertheless, treat your time with respect (see right). Once it’s gone, it is indeed gone. Even though you can make more money, you can never get that time back; use it wisely.


Some companies are great with employees and respect them to the fullest. Other companies do not care about mental health, stress, work-life balance, and workload. If you are someone who wants to destress your work environment, do so. Tell your supervisor if things get too hectic and how its affecting you. Chances are they will assume everything is fine unless you speak up. Be smart and communicate your work-life balance needs.

Communicating your desire for work-life balance is best with someone who understands the importance of work-life balance. For example, a business coach or mentor will understand your concerns. Chances are they’ve been down the same road before.

In Sum

One great way to get started with your new tricks is to establish a baseline. It will help you understand your own tactics and trends if you track your time for a week or two. Tracking your daily time isn’t something people usually do. However, doing so will give you a deeper understanding of how you truly work. Once you have an idea of how you work, you can schedule your time and tasks more effectively.

For a life-changing reading experience, check out The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. In his book, Tim suggests closing down email during the day except for two times to check it, such as noon and 4 pm. Elon Musk follows a similar mentality of breaking your day into small chunks. As a matter of fact, Elon’s day is broken up into 5-minute increments. Although a bit extreme for the non-billionaire, it’s a way to conquer the day and increase your productivity.

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