Do I need to take the Seminars in a particular order?

No, Each Seminar is Individually Tailored as a Stand Alone Event, With Exception To Our Communication Seminars. The Art of Communication Must Be Taken Before Communication Mastermind. 

Do I have to have any prior experience to attend these seminars?
No, That’s the Beauty of Our Programs! People of All Walks of Life and Skill Levels Are Invited to Come, Learn and Grow Together.
Are the Art of Seminars held in locations other than Florida?

Yes, We Often Do Seminars in Other Locations. When They Are Open Enrollment, They Will Be Posted on Our Website. If You Would Like to Host One in Your Location, We Typically Need a Minimum of 15 Attendees. Please Feel Free to Contact Tony Daum at
1-833-239-2355 for Further Details and to Schedule One for Your Location.

Are children allowed at these seminars?
Unfortunately, Due to the Professional Nature of These Events, They Don’t Allow for the Presence of Children Under the Age of 15. However, You Are Welcome to Extend Your Trip, and Bring Your Family Along as We Are Within Minutes of Some Fabulous Beaches, Close to Theme Parks, etc. Your Family Can Play During the Event, and You Can Join Them for Fun Either the Days Before or After the Event. Children Friendly Seminars Are Available for Your Group in Your Location.
Is there a dress code? What should I wear?
Dress Is Business Casual for the Training Days. We Want You to Dress Business Casual to Business Comfortable. You May Bring a Little Dressier Outfit If You Wish (Not Required) for the Celebration Dinner at the End of the Seminar. As We Are Meeting in Hotels, We Cannot Always Control the Temperature 100% of the Time, So We Recommend Dressing in Layers for Maximum Comfort Throughout the Day and Evening.
Are our hotel rooms and meals included in the price?
You Have Many Options for Your Hotel Accommodations, Even Within Our Host Hotels, So Those Are the Responsibility of the Attendees, as With Any Other Professional Events. We Often Provide Various Meals Throughout The Seminar Experience. Please See the Event Agenda We Send to You Prior to the Event for Details. If You Have Special Needs/Requests, We Ask for Those When We Send Out Those Confirmation Emails. Please Respond to Them at Your Earliest Convenience and We’ll Do Our Best to Accommodate Your Needs. At Most Hotels, Meals May Not Be Brought Into the Meeting Room From the Outside; However, You Can Typically Bring In Your Own Snack Bars, Shakes, Water Bottles, etc.
Is there a payment plan available?
Yes, We Have a Payment Plan Available for a Small One-Time Processing Fee to Cover the Additional Costs Associated with Processing Multiple Payments.  There Is No Interest.  We Carry This as an Option for Your Convenience.  Please Contact Us For Details.  Standard Cancellation Policies Do Apply.
If I am unable to attend, can I get a refund and what are my options?

We Know That Sometimes, Life Happens! So, We Work Hard to Accommodate Everyone. Therefore, We Have Developed a Cancellation Policy Which Includes Your Options.

Cancellation Policy: To be fair to all parties involved, we have comprised the following policies for cancelling, refunding, and transferring of funds for all Seminars by EXCELLence Performance Coaching. As you know, there is a considerable amount of time put in to the planning, booking of event venue locations, travel accommodations, time spent in preparation of lesson plans, etc. This is not to mention the fees associated with processing the registration fee for each person, and sometimes, a second fee is incurred in the refunding process; therefore, the policies have been clearly outlined below for your convenience.

If you are unable to attend, and would like to transfer your registration to a future Art of Seminar, here is the policy: 100% of your registration fee can be applied to a future event up until 45 days in advance of the event you are registered to attend; 75% of your registration fee can be applied to a future event if we are between 30-45 Days of the event; 50% of your registration fee can be applied to a future event if we are between 15-29 Days of the event; 0% of your registration fee can be applied if we are within 14 Days of the event. If you would like to have your money refunded, a 20% Cancellation Fee will be applied to cover non-refundable expenses and fees incurred, a 50% Cancellation Fee will be applied if we are between 30-45 Days Prior to Event, and if we are less than 30 days prior to the event, there will be no refunds. Tickets Paid in Full Are Transferrable up to 48 hours in Advance of the Seminar.