DIRECT SALES Dream Case Study

Photo of Asian salesman in office making business phone call sitting at laptop computer.
Got His Dream Job In 120 Days!

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Bob was a mentorship student who had a dream of being a full-time direct sales businessman. He had been stuck at a part-time level for 9 years and was unable to transition from his full-time job to his dream of a full-time home-based business.
Using our vast experience in direct sales, we began to mentor Bob in direct sales skills as well as personal growth and accountability.

The Result…

In a matter of 4 months, he was able to rank advance to the first level of professional leadership and leave his job for his passion for direct sales. This was several years ago. He has since grown his business and promoted team members to full-time status. He continues to grow and live out his dream, thanks to hard work and guidance from The EXCELLence Performance Coaching Mentorship Program.

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