Success is Not an Accident. It’s a Well Executed Plan!

You became a leader because you have a vision of your future. Now you need a plan for your future. Now you need a plan for massive action and success that’s as customized and specialized as your dream.

At EXCELLence Performance Coaching, we offer a wide variety of content and services that range from free online content to a complete custom seminar/coaching package tailored to your needs. We can serve the individual need as well as a large company or organization. Our team is experienced in both corporate and home based/small business environments. We can speak to a conference room as well as arena size audiences with experience and authority in both small and large audience environments.

You need a plan and we can help. From executive coaching to leadership training, we have you covered. Whether you are going next level or overcoming challenges.

Success is Not an Option

EXCELLence Performance Coaching can help you perform with EXCELLence. Success is a well executed plan. Don’t leave your success to chance. Perform with EXCELLence. Let our staff show you how we can create a program that fits your budget and set you up to succeed. Surround yourself with the best. EXCELLence Performance Coaching.

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THE CEILING OF SUCCESS FOR ANY TEAM OR ORGANIZATION IS LEADERSHIP. The better the leader, the better the team. This three day seminar focuses on building leaders that are capable of replicating, and creating leadership within their team or organization. Now, why is that important? Well, as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, and with a lifetime of experience in creating leaders, one thing I am acutely aware of is that 90% of leaders only create followers. If you want your business to grow and succeed, if you want your organization to move, you need leaders that are capable of building self-sufficient teams that can lead, work, and live in EXCELLence.   Learn More


Communication makes the world go around. Diplomats, CEOs, leaders and followers alike all succeed or fail based on their ability to communicate their message to their audience. Three days can change your life by changing how you communicate with your audience. Reading your audience, listening effectively, and successful negotiating are but a few of the things that separate professionals from amateurs. Be a pro and get what you want by effectively communicating.  Set Yourself Up for Success by Mastering the Art of Communication.   Learn More


Nothing Brings More Motivation, Inspiration, and Growth Than A Live Seminar Experience. Our Seminars Are Results Driven and Designed to Create Breakthrough Change in a Few Short Days. What Makes Our System Unique Is That We Build a Complete Program for Success. We Combine Training in Leadership, Communication, and Personal Growth in a Single Philosophy of Excellence.   Learn More


Today’s Technology Has Made it Easier than Ever to Grow Yourself and Your Team.  Our Online Seminars are Designed to Offer Low Cost, High Value Training That Creates Results.  We Offer a Variety of Subjects Ranging from Leadership to Time Management. We Offer Ongoing Weekly Programs Live and Recorded.   Learn More


Optimal Results, Faster Growth, and Hitting Our Goals Are Always a Priority.  However, Sometimes Individuals and Teams Fall Short. The Answer Often Times is Individual or Group Coaching. A Coach That Can Bring Fresh Insight and Mentorship Can Often Be the Catalyst to Self-Discovery and Growth.  Our Highly Trained and Results Proven Coaches Can Help You and Your Team Break Through and Achieve New Levels of Performance and Excellence. We Combine Problem Solving, Accountability, Masterminding, and Mentorship into Every Coaching Session.   Learn More



Coaching with Tony has significantly improved the results in my business. Customer and associate enrollments have both increased almost 2.5 times the year after I started coaching with Tony as compared to the year before. And, my checks increased almost 1.75 times! He’s challenged and supported me in my growth, has an intuitive knowing about what is holding me back and definitely holds me accountable. If you want to realize significant growth in your business having a coach is a must and Tony can coach you to results and make it fun!

Pamela Pearson