Communication Mastermind Nov. 2019 Flyer

Communication Mastermind- November 6 – November 9

Pinnacle performance is what you want. You’ve attended The Art of Communication*; and now, you want to master your craft. Communication Mastermind is your answer. In this four-day, action-packed seminar, you will work with other business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. Facilitated by CEO and Head Coach, Tony Daum, along with his team of coaches and staff, you will mastermind with your peers as you grow your skills in:

✓ Public Speaking / Sales
✓ Negotiation / Conflict Resolution
✓ Body Language – Control and Interpretation
✓ Adapting to Personality Styles

In addition, you’ll be participating in an exhilarating team building event at Andersen RacePark which will test your skills in high-performance Go-Karts on a half-mile track.

This rich, experiential learning environment will allow you to take your life and business to a whole new level of performance. Connect to your clients. Close and negotiate more deals. Give world-class performances. Mastermind with other great leaders. Grow your skills in communication and watch your world explode in growth and opportunity!

Sign up today for this once-a-year gathering where seats are limited, but, potential is off the charts.

*The Art of Communication is a prerequisite to attending Communication Mastermind.

Your Future Awaits!

One Package — $2,995.00   $2,495

Core Education
Morning Sessions with Access to Executive Team
3 Executive Lunch Trainings [Meals Included]
Graduation Dinner
Go Kart Racing