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The professionals comprising the EXCELLence Performance team of highly-trained coaches have extensive experience; collectively, this experience equates to 100+ aggregate years of experience and expertise. Since inception, our coaches have undertaken many courses and certifications, and our head coaches have well over 10,000 hours each of actual experience in coaching, consulting, and program facilitation to meet the needs of a diverse client base from small startups to billion-dollar corporations as well as franchises, state colleges and universities, churches and nonprofits, and home-based businesses. We teach from experience to create solid, replicable results.

Our Coaching Services Provides Results

Our Highly-Trained and Results-Proven Coaches can help you and your team break through and achieve new levels of Performance and Excellence. We combine Problem Solving, Accountability, Masterminding, and Mentorship into every coaching session.

Let us show you how we can help you or your team hit your mark with excellence.

We Offer Coaching for

Personal Growth
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*Due to our success rate, space is limited in this program and is on a first-come basis.

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3-Hour Programs With EXCELLence Performance Experts

Do you feel like you’re working as hard as everyone else, but, you have NO free time and you’re still not getting it all done?

Would you like to learn how to work smarter instead of harder and maximize your time? 

Then, this coaching package is for you. These Customized sessions focus on Time Management, Organization and Systems for your life, business or both! Let us take you from frantic to fantastic!

Focus on What You Know You Need to Do, Not What You Want to Do. - Tony Daum

This package will give you the tools, accountability, and awareness to do more with less money year after year. 

No one wants to be bored by another accountant or confused by a financial sales person.

Learn financial offense (how to make your money go farther), as well as defense (how to protect and save your money), and put your money back into YOUR hands.

Sometimes a Moment of Pause is Necessary to Achieve Clarity. - Tony Daum

A house, car and building all require blueprints to make sure they are constructed correctly.

Doesn’t YOUR LIFE deserve a blueprint? Now, you can have one!

Stop Living by accident and start living your DREAM life on purpose, with purpose. We will help you literally assemble a binder that will organize, prioritize and allow you to visualize your life and future.

Leadership Isn’t Dictating, But it is Empowering Others. - Tony Daum

Executive Assistant is a very exciting and challenging position in today’s world.

An Executive Assistant works for today’s top leaders and decision makers. Your job is to make sure they are organized, informed and their time is protected.

It takes a resilient person to work with a powerful leader. Rise to the occasion and become the linchpin of your organization.

Being True to Yourself Means Listening to Your Heart, Not the World - Tony Daum

Who am I? Why am I here? 

Discovering your purpose and passion can be difficult and challenging…

So many choices.

Let us help you make sense out of it all. You are unique and can soar if you match your purpose to what you do for work and life.

You’ll Never Find Out How Great Your Life Can Be if You’re Willing to Settle. - Tony Daum

Tired of settling? Sick of chewing on bones when you want steak?

Let us teach you how to become a Power Asker and get more of what you want out of life by learning the art of asking and receiving. Better opportunities, relationships, and resources are at your fingertips. 

We can show you how to get them.

Don’t Like the Situation? Do Something to Change It! - Tony Daum

Are you your best friend or your worst enemy?

You will listen to yourself more than anyone else, so make it good! You CAN talk yourself into your DREAM life. Work on self-worth, create vision and step into a new reality.

All success begins with belief, belief begins with self-worth, self-worth is built with self-talk. Let us show you how to overhaul your self-talk and become your new best friend!

People Do Not Buy Goods and Services. They Buy Relationships, Stories and Magic. - Seth Godin

The ability to create authentic and entertaining video content is key to establishing a growing brand and social media presence.

This program will create an educational starting point to allow you to confidently schedule, plan, and produce videos professionally.

We will work together to develop or refine your current Brand Identity and give you the tools to create a brand book that will allow you to authentically connect with your audience.*

*This is a 6-hour program

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