EXCELLence Performance Coaching Updated Coaching Cancellation Policy 2020

In order to enter into a coaching agreement with any EXCELLence Performance Coach, you agree that there will be no refunds given at any time once you have registered.

The reason for this is we want to provide you with all the tools and resources to help you achieve your massive goals and one of those tools is commitment. The larger the goals, the larger the commitment that is required to achieve them. By removing the ability to acquire a refund, our clients are immediately empowered with a level of commitment that drastically increases their probability of success.

We understand that personal growth and change is hard and uncomfortable at times. It’s always easier to take the path of least resistance and stay the same, or worse go backward instead of pushing through the pain of growth. However, one thing is certain, although growth is hard, it is always worth it! At EXCELLence Performance, our clients embrace the philosophy that “Winners Never Quit, and Quitters Never Win.” It is our purpose to help you win, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the adversities you may face, we guide you on your journey to making your dreams a reality.

You may be asking; will we guarantee these results? Our question for you is will you guarantee the work will be done? If you genuinely want to achieve your goals, you cannot sit back and expect your coach to do all the work for you. We are not here to hold your hand, we are here to lead you, guide you, teach you, coach you, and push you outside of your comfort zone in order to have the life of your dreams!

What we can guarantee is that we will do our part and we ask that you do yours to ensure the amazing results you desire! So, if you’re ready to have your dreams, join the hundreds of satisfied clients who are now living the life of their dreams because just like you, they decided to invest in themselves and were committed to doing whatever it takes to put their desires into reality and live a life of abundance.