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Tony Daum Interview



Excellence Performance is the real deal! By just attending one of their seminars I was gifted with a plethora of insight and motivation. Tony and his team do an amazing job of giving you the tools and knowledge to help you positivity transform any aspect of your life! With a beautiful mix of different self-development tactics and real-world examples, you can feel the energy in yourself shift. The environment of the seminars are extremely inclusive and unlike anything I have experienced before. I highly recommend giving them a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

Shane P.

Excellence Performance has had an unbelievably positive impact on my life. Working with Tony is like having a personal trainer for my life; he has helped me push through tough situations, both personally and professionally and has enabled me to gain an entirely different perspective on what is possible in my life. I would recommend Excellence Performance to anyone who wants more, better, faster!

Keri G.

The team at Excellence Performance Coaching are quite dynamic and real. They live out what they teach. I’ve grown so much since being mentored by them. Aside from the Coaching services, the seminars are transformative. Like anything, knowledge is great but you have to put it into application. They give you the keys to your kingdom… It’s up to you to build it up! If you need help with that, they have a variety of coaches in multiple areas to help you with that!! I certainly don’t regret making the decision to invest in myself and my dreams!!

Kimberley C.

Excellence Performance has helped my wife and I so much, Through personal coaching and taking their seminars. We have experienced tremendous growth in our personal lives and in our business. The whole team at Excellence Performance is fantastic to work with.

David M.

Tony Daum and the team at Excellence Performance Coaching has made and will continue to make major positive and life-changing impacts on me. I felt overall I’m a happy person with a good life but until someone shows you how to have a happier, joyful, and great life; you won’t know what you’re missing. Everyone deserves to have the best possible life with true balance, joy, love, and great health. Expand your mind by attending the courses they have to offer before settling with what and who you are. I’m ever thankful that EPcoaching has come into my life and wish for others to elevate theirs too! Many thanks to everyone at EPcoaching!

Dr. Theresa P.

Leaders that run the seminars are very engaging and extremely passionate about what they do. Tony, the CEO and head coach, knows how to connect with every individual in the audience in ways I never thought possible. Prices aren’t bad either when you consider that attending one of their seminars can drastically improve the way you approach problems, relationships, and financial aspects of your life.

Anton K.




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