THE CEILING OF SUCCESS FOR ANY TEAM OR ORGANIZATION IS LEADERSHIP. The better the leader, the better the team. This three day seminar focuses on building leaders that are capable of replicating, and creating leadership within their team or organization. Now, why is that important? Well, as a John Maxwell Certified Coach, and with a lifetime of experience in creating leaders, one thing I am acutely aware of is that 90% of leaders only create followers. If you want your business to grow and succeed, if you want your organization to move, you need leaders that are capable of building self-sufficient teams that can lead, work, and live in EXCELLence.

Only One Thing Stands Between You and Success, the Ability to Lead.

The Art of  leadership Core Curriculum Will Include:

  • Learning how to manage your time efficiently, and replicating this within your team.
  • Focusing your time on the right people for maximum success.
  • Effectively utilizing core competencies within your management team.
  • Advancing yourself and your team through the five levels of leadership.
  • Being the visionary leader that creates effective buy-in from your team.
  • Creating accountability that leads to effective, consistent performance.
  • Workshop time each day to develop your specific plan of action to implement
  • The Art of Leadership into your business or organization immediately.


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Words cannot express how grateful I am to you both for the time that you spent with me and my amazing kids! It was invaluable and created awareness & breakthroughs in all of us that many other seminars and counseling has not accomplished. Your skills and expertise is unmatched and is hugely impacted by your amazing ability to connect and move all of us to the next levels. Both of you are excellent examples of living your values and what you teach. Powerful! What a ministry God has gifted you with.

Created Awareness & Breakthroughs

When I attended EP Coaching’s The Art of Leadership in November of 2015, I was about 1.5 years into my MLM business and had been struggling with motivating my team, and myself. I was working with dedicated associates who were definitely coachable, however, I lacked posture as a leader and could not pour into them as much as I had wanted. Tony Daum revealed some incredible key strategies within the 3 day intensive training that got right down to where my limiting beliefs were living. He was able to help me break down those barriers and re-build my self-confidence; all while sharing beautiful nuggets of wisdom and how I could apply them to my team. 2 Weeks after the training was complete, I rank advanced in my business AND two of my associates rank advanced as well! Since the Art of Leadership, I have attended the Art of Abundant Wealth and The Art of Communication, both of which were equally as rewarding. I could not recommend EP Coaching enough – the dynamic team that works closely with Tony Daum ensures that each participant has a rich and worthwhile experience. I’m looking forward to participating in future events! Leslie

Leslie Bulmer