The Art of Communication II is an intensive four day seminar that builds on the information taught in The Art of Communication I. It’s a hands-on workshop designed to empower the student to both master skills, and articulate to others The Art of Effective Communication.

The focus of this four day small group interactive workshop is to master the following skills:

  • Public Speaking – Small and Large Audience
  • Personality Type Adaptation – A huge advantage in the marketplace
  • Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
  • Body Language – Control and Interpretation

This is a hands-on experiential event designed to create maximum retention by employing visual, auditory, and experiential learning techniques for maximum impact and results. Effective communication unlocks the doors to success; so, if you want to grow your communication skills to maximum potential in the shortest amount of time possible, let us give you the key!

Art of Communication II is an event that will grow you as a communicator! On Friday, we take a break and head to Anderson Racepark for some high speed adventure. Imagine whisking around a 1/2 mile track in your own racing Go Kart. Those are not slow electric karts, those are high performance just like this event. This will be an exciting break in training to test your skills as a race kart driver! No experience necessary it will be challenging and fun! Will you post the fastest time of the day? If you do, you receive one hour of coaching with your choice of EXCELLence Performance Coaching coaches. Up to $395 value just for being fast. Come grow your communication skills and have fun with EXCELLence Performance Coaching.

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I have been to a lot of personal development seminars, and this was one of the most powerful EVER.
I am so grateful that you made it possible for me and my team to experience it.

Julie Boyer