The Art of Communication I


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Communication makes the world go around. Diplomats, CEOs, leaders and followers alike all succeed or fail based on their ability to communicate their message to their audience. Three days can change your life by changing how you communicate with your audience. Reading your audience, listening effectively, and successful negotiating are but a few of the things that separate professionals from amateurs. Be a pro and get what you want by effectively communicating.

Set Yourself Up for Success by Mastering the Art of Communication.

The Art of Communication Core Curriculum Will Include:

  • Learn to be an effective listener.
  • Master the personality types.
  • Learn effective speaking skills.
  • Become a master negotiator.
  • Explore effective conflict resolution.
  • Read body language effectively.
  • And much, much more!
  • Enjoy a Power Small Group Interactive Environment.

Base Seminar Package Includes:

  • Attendance to the event and materials.

Food Package Includes:

  • Daily alternating meals

Bonus Day:

  • Video Session

Platinum Package Includes:

  • Premium Seating for Event
  • Early Entry Meet & Greet & Coffee Service
  • Early Entry Meet & Greet with Tony & Tammy Daum
  • Premium Food Package Four Days
  • Private Platinum Session Wed Evening Only Platinum Package Attendees with Tony & Tammy
  • Special Lanyard
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Additional information

Seminar Date

April 2018 – Chicago, IL, October 2018 – Sarasota, FL

Seminar Options

Base Seminar, Seminar + Food Package, Seminar + Bonus Day, Seminar + Food + Bonus Day, Platinum Package "Best Value"

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