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Our Coaches Have A Been There, Done That Mentality. We Teach from Experience to Create Replicable Results.

Our Coaches Have Climbed the Path to Success and Share That Experience Both in the Coaching and Seminar Environment. You Can Be Rest Assured That You Are Being Led by Example, Not Just Taught Out of a Book.

If Excellence in All is Your Goal, Prepare to Be Impressed with Our Staff and Our Programs. Everything We Do for You is Based on Solid Results.

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Tony Daum

Tony Daum

CEO & Head Coach

“My Background”

  • Studied at Cincinnati Christian University and Florida Christian College
  • Klemmer & Associates Graduate / Train the Trainer Graduate
  • John Maxwell Team Certified Coach
  • Direct Marketing Trainer / Team Builder and Multimillion Dollar Earner
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Former Professional Firefighter / EMT for 10 years
  • Former Aviation Business Owner
  • Accomplished Competition Aerobatic Pilot (1,000+ hours)
  • Open Water Diver
  • 1st Degree Black Belt Taekwondo
  • Kart Racer
  • Lifetime Overcomer & Achiever
  • Husband of 28+ years to Tammy Daum
  • Father of coolest Daughter & Son Ever
  • Living in Paradise on the Gulf Coast of South Florida

My passion: Living every day to its fullest. To do, learn, discover, and create every day to my full potential and to live a happy, healthy, balanced life of excellence.

My purpose: To live a life of excellence as an example to empower others to do the same. To help everyone to step into the full potential that they were created to be. To build teams that have a culture of excellence so that dreams come true, visions are realized, and legacies are created.

My vision: To serve as a leader with a heart of compassion and the strength of a warrior in order to create a world that wins and grows. To foster a sense of belonging, purpose and continual growth that leads to powerful leadership. To create leaders that, with servant heart leadership, grow businesses, ministry, charity and government to create value for all who are affected. To positively change and grow the world for the benefit of The World.”

Tammy Daum

Tammy Daum

Co-Founder & Senior Coach

Tammy Daum is the Co-Founder and Senior Coach for EXCELLence Performance Coaching.

Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in business, life, and personal development. Tammy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Marketing, with the equivalent time of a college degree in personal development training and coaching. After a successful career as a Marketing Executive for Walt Disney World in Florida, she built several successful businesses both on her own, and with her husband, Tony, in the areas of both traditional business and home-based business where she has become a multi-million dollar income earner, direct marketing/sales leader and expert.

Always driven to success and excellence in everything, it’s obvious why Tammy received the Highest Award and Honor from both The Disney Development Company, as well as in her Direct Marketing Business, during her respective time with them. As a Professional International Speaker and Trainer, she has presented around the globe in front of audiences of thousands. She is highly successful in business and in life, and her passion and her heart for people drives her to empower others to discover the EXCELLence that resides within them.

With many additional accomplishments to her name including Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Advisor, Certified Open Water Nitrox Diver, Student Pilot’s License, Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and more, Tammy’s greatest achievements are being happily married for more than 28 years to Tony Daum, and raising two amazing children, Jacquelyn & Christian.

Crystal Yoder

Crystal Yoder

Director of Sales

Crystal Yoder brings a wealth of experience in personal growth, as well as being an expert in the direct sales industry. As a top performer in business and life, Crystal brings a can-do attitude to meeting our client’s needs whether it is a seminar for one or a custom event for a large group. Crystal EXCELLs at learning people’s needs and exceeding their expectations. Her story of overcome and achievement is truly extraordinary and inspiring. Crystal will help you meet your needs with EXCELLence.

Erik Remmel

Erik Remmel

Director of Media Development

Erik is an entrepreneur through and through. He has started and operated multiple successful businesses. He was educated formally in Engineering and retired young from a career in Telecommunications. As Director of Media Development, Erik’s job is two-fold. First, he is in charge of all media for EXCELLence Performance Coaching. Second, he works hand in hand with our clients to help them develop websites and web presence. He also can help with a variety of needs from fulfillment to podcasting. Whatever your media needs are, Erik is ready to help you achieve your goals with EXCELLence.

Michelle Daum

Michelle Daum

Administrative Assistant

As our staff Administrative Assistant, Michelle brings 29 years of experience as an Executive Secretary and Office Manager for both corporations and small businesses. Michelle will provide EXCELLence in customer service and communication. Michelle has a big role making the day-to-day operations run smoothly. If you are a coaching or mentorship client, you will be receiving communication from Michelle.

Christian Daum

Christian Daum

Sales & Marketing Rep

More information about Christian Daum coming soon.


Thank you for a life-changing three days!

I have been to a lot of personal development seminars, and this was one of the most powerful EVER. I am so grateful that you made it possible for me and my team to experience it.

With gratitude,

Julie Boyer