Leadership Live is a weekly online Advanced Leadership Training program.

In this program, you will learn valuable skills, not just in theory, but you will actually practice these mentorship skills with your team members. You will also learn how to create vision that will draw your team together for a common cause creating rapid momentum and growth. You will discover that success in business comes from knowing that it’s all about the people. In this program, we teach people how to effectively work on themselves to increase their business, while at the same time, empower their team to create their own success as well.

Our goal is to take people from a group of individuals, to a functioning and vibrant team working together. Whether you are an individual starting the journey in leadership, or a leader with an established team, this program can help you increase effectiveness and reproduction of leadership on your team.

We have already seen that in just one hour a week, you can truly put a team into momentum.

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My husband and I have spent a lot of time and money in personal growth and leadership training, workshops, and seminars over a period of many years. All have been beneficial to us in our personal life and business. We know the key to growth of any kind starts with us personally. Our best experience has been with Excellence Performance Coaching, hands down. The results have been great, not only for us personally, but for our team as well. Income has increased, relationships have improved, and we have a better understanding of what we are capable of achieving and what it takes to get there. Tony is very knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate, with a heart to see people succeed and pass it on. He practices what he “preaches” and continues to invest in himself – being poured into so he can pour into the lives of others. He is a man of integrity and heart. We are grateful to be coached by Tony and highly recommend Excellence Performance Coaching.

Karen Spaulding